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  1. Dreaming Creek DREAMING CREEK   This site specializes in SIP's for Timber Frame buildings.

    ►Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are rigid foam insulation sandwiched between oriented strand board (OSB). These panels can be used as wall, roof & floor components & have been proven to be structurally sound, energy efficient & fire resistant. The solid foam core of the SIP panels allow for significantly less leakage & drafts while the built-in wire chases do not interfere with the structure's electrical systems. SIPs are a structural composite, with the three components (outer OSB, foam core & inner OSB) working together instead of against each other for optimal strength. Rigid insulation (the foam core) allows for less air movement, which means fewer leaks & drafts. The structure retains the heat (or cool) & the HVAC system does not have to work as hard for the same indoor climate. This translates to lower energy bills & less use of non-renewable fossil fuels.◄
  2. sip panel cut-out view INSULSPAN   Apparently these SIP panels can be used to build even the smallest of buildings right down to a dog house.

    ►The Insulspan SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) system consists of solid, one piece, pre-cut SIP units that are ready to install as wall, floor, or roof components suitable for many residential and commercial building applications.

    Insulspan has been manufacturing Structural Insulated Panels for more than 27 years. Based out of Blissfield, Michigan and Delta, B.C., Insulspan continually works to maintain the highest quality standards in the industry. As part of our continuing process to create the highest quality product, we subject our product to rigorous tests, and strive for continued improvement. Our goal is to provide you with the best energy-efficient building products for your project. The Insulspan Quality Assurance program is certified to ISO 9001. Insulspan products are manufactured under factory-controlled quality with third-party certification provided by Intertek testing services.◄
  3. Winter Panel Front Page View WINTER PANEL SIPs   This company specializes in the production of SIP panels. Their website is well done with lots of good information about SIPs in general. Their products have been used on "Extreme Makeover Home Edition". Anyway, grab a beer or a diet pepsi and watch their videos and have fun.

    ►We wrap you in comfort! Winter Panel SIPs: Are affordable, reduce heating and cooling costs, are easy to install, provide a stronger shell, involve less framing, recognized as a great product, contribute to Energy Star rating, a leader in the industry, comes with personal service. Winter Panel is the perfect choice for structural, timber frame, and steel frame construction.◄
  4. Sample of SIP Home SIP ENERGY   This business is based in Ireland. I could not find any small cabins showcased on their website. They seem to specialize in standard construction sizes using the SIP format.

    ►SIP Energy Ltd. is an Athenry, Ireland based company, with a long family tradition in the Engineering and Manufacturing Industry, spanning many generations,

    and has a well-established reputation for Engineering and Composite Panel manufacture. To cater for the increase in capability required for the production of this new generation of SIP panels, it was deemed necessary to provide a new facility, and so a purpose built factory, equipped with the latest technology for the manufacture and machining of SIP panels, right up to the full 15m x 3m in size was undertaken. Using CNC machinery for the purposes of both component manufacture and panel machining, brought with it unseen levels of quality and accuracy within the SIP industry. Structural Insulated Panels construction is the most advanced form of timber construction on the market today, and delivers highly insulated, as well as highly airtight buildings, in keeping with today’s ever-changing Building Regulations and Standards. SIP panels are closed panels that are used for both your walls and roof, and deliver in one go, a complete building solution, that is erected quickly. Building with SIP panels brings: Quality, Strength, Durability, Robustness, Insulation and Industry-leading Airtightness in one product. Short on-site build times, and ease-of-finish, keeps costs competitive and maximum user comfort for minimal running costs.◄
  5. The Hide Away SIP Cabin TROUT CREEK SIP HOMES   This Canadian business offers different products among them log homes. The focus here of coarse is on their SIP home department. They also offer "Specialty Wood Products" like flooring, siding, decking & mouldings. The picture at the right is of their: 16ft x 24ft The Hide Away SIP Cabin.

    ►Trout Creek International Homes (TCIH) offers Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) home and cottage kits. Packages are available for a basic shell including walls and roof or a complete lock-up package is available together with whatever other wood finishing materials you may desire, such as wide plank flooring, tongue and groove decking, etc.◄

  6. Mag-Sip Cut-Out View MAG-SIP   I have never used this product - but it looks like something a lot of builders would like. If the advantages are as stated on their website, these panels are quite state of the art. Be interesting to see if they become popular for use in the building trade.

    ►MAG-SIPs is a Structural Insulated Panel composite building material (Magfiber board). They consist of a sandwich of two layers of structural board with a core of insulating foam. They are made with Magfiber sheathing. These are structural sheaths that can be finished like drywall on the interior, and covered with siding materials or have stucco applied directly to the exterior of the panel. When the panel is used for basement or foundation walls, foundation spray can be applied directly to the surface. Available in 110mm and 156mm Widths. Our 156mm Wall has a Thermal R value > 5.◄
  7. Trapper Cabin NET-ZERO STRUCTURES   This business is based in British Columbia, Canada. They specialize in building homes and such using SIP panels. They have one cool little item on their website which i like and hope you like as well. It is a small 12ft x 16ft cabin called "The Trapper". Here is the information about this cabin: "This pre-fabricated package can be assembled in a single day by two people and includes the following: Pre-fabricated Structural Insulated Panels and all supplies to assemble the R-26 cabin envelope; ¾ inch T&G plywood sub-floor and cabin grade Douglas Fir flooring or commercial grade vinyl flooring; 29 ga. Metal roof and siding in your choice of colors (other siding options are available); Complete door and window package (insulated pre-hung metal exterior door and 5 Energy Star rated windows); All materials to complete the cabin interior including the loft; All materials to complete the cabin exterior including the shed and all trim; and Detailed engineer stamped assembly drawings and instructions. Foundation requirements are site specific and supplied by you according to the engineered foundation drawings Net-Zero provides. Paint or stains are also not included. Price: $14,299 FOB Smithers, British Columbia."

    ►Net-Zero Structures Ltd. (Net-Zero) was incorporated in 2011 under the provisions of the British Columbia Business Corporations Act for the purposes of designing, manufacturing and marketing energy efficient buildings using Structural Insulated Panels, also known as SIPs, throughout Northwestern British Columbia, the Yukon and Southeastern Alaska. Net-Zero is based in beautiful Smithers, British Columbia, beside the Bulkley River, one of the major tributaries in the Skeena River watershed. Living and working here in the Northwest comes with an special obligation to conduct oneself and one's business respectfully and ethically so that the land, its people and cultures are honoured and sustained. Net-Zero conducts its business with these obligations as our guiding principles. Net-Zero Structures Ltd. is a full service distributor of Premier SIP panels, one of the largest SIP manufacturers in North America. For more information about Net-Zero Structures Ltd., or about using SIPs to build energy efficient buildings, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.◄
  8. Cross Section of Cement/Foam Board YIHE GREEN BOARD   This is a Chinese Fiber Cement Board Manufacturing company in China. If you visit their website, click on the English link at the top right part of the page to go to their English version which is still a little hard for me to understand, but a lot better than Chinese language symbols which i cannot read. Anyway, picture on the right is of a picture of one of the big items they make: I think it is a fiber cement SIP panel, made with fiber cement sheets on each side. Looks to me to be a good product capable of good sound insulation among other things. Click on their "Factory Glance" link at the top to view some pics of their manufacturing process.

    ►Ningbo Yihe Greenboard Company Ltd ( Ningbo Maode Import & Export Company Ltd) was set up in December 2003, located in Longshan Town in Cixi City, which is at the side of HangZhouWan Bay, having a distance of 270km to Shanghai and 35km from Ningbo Port. It is one of the first-class professional enterprises specializing in designing and manufacturing Calcium Silicate board in China. The company has 6 newly built workshops and 6 sets of automatic producing line equipment which cost within 160 million RMB (Chinese yuan), which covers an area of 50 thousand square meters. The annual output could reach more than 20 million square meters (of Calcium Silicate board). By introducing equipment and technology from abroad, and the use of American and Canadian wood pulp, we produce the "YIHE Brand" Calcium Silicate board. YiHe Calcium Silicate board does no harm to the environment. It's remarkable functions well meet the needs of the users and make it widely used in many different fields. Now it has been widely exported to Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore and East Asia and gets a lot of praise from the customers.◄
  9. Bungalow Model Panel Homes SUPERIOR INSULATED SYSTEMS   Kinda nice website here. They sell SIP small home kits, also custom homes and custom work and material including SIP panels. Some sections of their website do not work, like the video page and some picture gallery material. Picture on the right is of their 672 SF "Bungalow Model Panel Home".

    ►We understand the importance of building green and are proud to offer Structural Insulated Panels to service all of your construction requirements. Superior Insulated Systems combines knowledge and experience in architecture, engineering, residential and commercial construction, and the SIP industry. With this experience you know you are dealing with a company made up of professionals with enough knowledge and background to help you through every step of your home construction process. We use Structural Insulated Panels and incorporate the latest technologies to provide you with an extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly home. We are members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the "Structural Insulated Panel Association" (SIPA), and the United States governments "Energy Star Program". Structural Insulated Panels are not a new concept; they have been around since the 1950's. Alden B. Dow, son of the founder of Dow Chemical Company developed and used the first rigid foam core panels in residential construction. Structural insulated panels are manufactured using two sheets of 7/16in OSB (oriented strand board). The OSB is structurally laminated and pressure-cured to a rigid core of EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam insulation. Structural insulated panels are available in a wide range of sizes and thickness. Standard panel size is 4ft x 8ft by 6-1/2in thick and weigh approximately 125lbs. Panels are available up to dimensions of 8ft x 24ft and thickness ranging from 4-1/2in up to 12-1/4in. Structural insulated panels can be pre-cut to exact dimensions at the factory to make installation easier and faster. Pre-cut panels include cutting all panels to size along with window and door openings. When purchasing a home from Superior Insulated Systems you will deal directly with a dedicated customer service representative assigned to your project. You will also have access to our full staff of experts in each department, and we will work to provide you with the lowest possible price for your home. There are many available options and benefits that we can provide you to make your home meet your specific requirements. We have a full line of standard models, or we can build based on your plans. Getting a price quote on custom plans is free so give us a call. We will help you save money during the the construction process of your home, and after you move in with lower energy cost. At Superior Insulated Systems Inc, we can make your dream a reality without sacrificing quality or service, this is our top priority!◄
  10. BUILDING WITH SIPS   Here's a nice YouTube video explaining the construction and use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Sorry that the picture quality is so bad, but it still presents some good basic information on the SIP building system.

    ►WHAT ARE SIPs? SIP is a high-performance prefabricated building panel, manufactured under rigid control and testing procedures, which are used for walls, roofs, basement walls, and floors, in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as in high risers. These insulated panels (with 4½ inch up to 12¼ inch thickness), consist of a core of super-insulating EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) glued together with a special high-strength glue and dried under extreme pressure. SIPs are laminated between two sheets of engineered wood, called oriented strand board (OSB) or cement skin. Standard SIP panel dimensions are 8 feet x 24 feet = 2.44 meters x 7.32 meters, which equals to 17.86 square meters per panel (customized sizes available). The result is a building system with amazing capabilities! SIPs are very strong (2,400 psi), predictable, energy efficient, extremely cost effective and fast. A house of 100 SM (1076 SF) is built in only 2 - 3 days including foundation and roof. No Roof trusses are required, permitting additional room in the attic space.◄
  11. Backyard Carriage House INSULATED COMPONENT STRUCTURES - ROCKY MOUNTAIN   "Manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)". Here's another dedicated manufacturer of polyurethane foam SIPs. I guess when you use polyurethane you will never go back. Picture on the right is An all ICS SIPs "Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU)" or "Backyard Carriage House" in Arvada, Colorado!

    ►We manufacture structural insulated panels (SIPs) using injected, high R-value polyurethane foam insulation. We do not use expanded polystyrene (EPS or Styrofoam). Save time! Save money! Save energy! R-28, R-42, & R-54. Insulated Component Structures – Rocky Mountain, Inc. (ics-rm) is a manufacturing company dedicated to helping people save time, money, and energy. We have developed cost-effective, high quality, energy-efficient, easy-to-assemble building components as modern alternatives to conventional building methods. We maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment that promotes productivity, responsibility, conservation, and innovation. ICS is built on the knowledge that there is a need for advanced pre-manufactured modular building components that, when assembled, form a complete structural/thermal exterior building shell. These structural building components are supplied to the construction industry for residential, commercial, and specialty applications.◄
  12. Earthcore SIP Arch EARTHCORE SIPS   This business is a little different than most SIP manufacturers in that they produce shapes such as arches as well as conventional shapes such as regular walls and roof components. They like to educate their customers with online videos. Lots of good information here for those folks looking to build using SIPs. ►Earthcore SIPs was established in 2009 endeavoring to manufacturer polyurethane structural insulated panels with a dedication to innovative design, vigilant quality control, and uncompromising customer service. Already Earthcore SIPs research and development department have introduced such innovations as the radius polyurethane panel and the serpentine structural panel. Earthcore also has the ability to produce insulated barrel roof panels. Earthcore SIPs strives to stay ahead of the industry curve so that it can bring its customers the best in structural insulated panels. Earthcore seeks to have the highest quality product in the market today. That is why we inspect and approve every insulated roof and wall panel before it is shipped. By listening to our customers we also find ways of improving upon our product and our service so that we can continue to deliver the best insulated panels into the future. Earthcore SIPs has just scratched the surface as to what is possible in making energy efficient, design savvy, polyurethane structural panels. Through our dedication to innovation, quality and customer service, Earthcore seeks to make SIPs the predominate building material in the industry.◄
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